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The mission of the Puerto Rico Cancer Center (PRCC) is to promote basic sciences, clinical, and epidemiological research in cancer prevention and control in Puerto Rico. In addition, the Center supports programs in cancer information and education for the public, patients, and health professionals. The Center also seeks to be the basis for a comprehensive cancer center of excellence in cancer prevention, research, and service for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, given its primary concern with cancer in Hispanics and other minority populations.


The PRCC is located in the Medical Sciences Campus of the UPR, allowing it to work directly with the University Hospital, the I. González Martínez Oncologic Hospital, the San Juan Municipal Hospital, and other UPR affiliated hospitals. The Center supports the Tumor Registry of the University Hospital and collaborates with the NCI-funded San Juan Minority Based Clinical Community Oncology Program (MBCCOP). Locally, the PRCC is working in building its capacity for a network of cancer awareness research and training in Puerto Rico. Nationally, the PRCC is expanding through basic and clinical research collaborations with other cancer centers for multi-institutional studies (MD Anderson Cancer Center). The Puerto Rico office of the NCI Florida-Puerto Rico Cancer Information Service (CIS) is affiliated with the PRCC


  • To stimulate the development of clearly defined scientific focus on cancer research among investigators and the programs, tailored to our needs and the needs of the Puerto Rican population.
  • To strengthen the formal organizational component, improve resources and space, and assure the institution's continuing support of the Cancer Center.
  • To promote joint activities, collaborations, and interactions within and among programmatic elements, taking maximum advantage of the University's capabilities in cancer research.
  • To stimulate research activity in a variety of disciplines and with a high degree of coordination, interaction, and collaboration among cancer center members, in order to enhance the productivity and quality of cancer research in the Center.
  • To develop better facilities for cancer research and services.
  • To promote cancer awareness, prevention, and treatment in the community.


Medical Sciences Campus
Biomedical Building I
Floor 1, Office 162 
Puerto Rico Medical Center
Postal Address: 
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                          San Juan, PR 00936-5067 

Phone:                787-763-2443 
Fax:                    787-751-6242

e-mail:                ccpr@rcm.upr.edu

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